Jazzy B Rambo Release Date

The official release date for Jazzy b new album Rambo is 4th JULY 2008 Ambi Bilga, Jazzy b's UK Manager has put the release date on facebook. Promo on official website of Jazzy b will be available on 10th June. Videos will be released in june worldwide. This information is brought to you by my dear friend Jassa, he keeps me update about the information about Jazzy B. I need to ask him more about him.

it was a long when I have last posted, it's the kinda time when things have been changed dramatically, cause i am in chandigarh these days, but i wish to be in jalkheri for some more time. but there is not enough resources me to be online there. but number of people are with me. i am very keen to be there and feeling like stuck in that damn shit P.G. (paying guest). i don't like to be there. i miss my lovely village.

well i feel borring about jazzy b's new album, it's too late that we have been waiting... few people are dying for him. do it soon...

i am really sorry, for the previous information about release of jazzy b new album rambo, in fact when he changes the date of release, it does not matter to him, he need to work it out, and then just release. may be he want to release with utmost power... by the way i was noticed about postponed of release of rambo till 4th JULY 2008...

hope fully it will be a real release date... any changes will be updated

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