Mushaira in memory of K.V. Ranga Reddy

The mushaira held in memory of former Deputy Chief Minister K.V. Ranga Reddy on Sunday reflected the clamour for statehood.

How can Urdu poets remain untouched by the Telangana sentiment? Poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with truth and that is what it did the other day.

A mushaira sponsored on Sunday by Progressive Telangana Foundation in memory of former Deputy Chief Minister Konda Venkata Ranga Reddy was reflective of the strong Telangana sentiment. For a change, love and romance, the mainstay of mushairas, took a backseat. Most of the poets chose to give vent to the clamour for statehood for the region. As the sun went down, the open air auditorium at Lalita Kala Thoranam, came alive with T-shayari. The mushaira was inaugurated in the traditional style by lighting of the ‘shama'.

Young poet Saleem Abedi set the tone for the evening by reciting a Telangana Tarana.

Haq per nahin ghabrana Anjam hai dikhlana
Hai hud se guzarjana
Pana hai hamen pana
Hamara Telangana

(When the cause is right there's no need to be afraid. We have to go all out to gain Telangana)

Then a budding poet from Manchariyal, Khursheed Asar, electrified the audience with his verses.

Madam ko manayenge, Telangana layenge
Dena pada jaan to jaan bhi gawan denge
Andhra ke leadero, Andhra sambhalo tum
Apne Telangana ko khud hum hi sambhalenge

(Will persuade Soniaji to get Telangana, even if it means laying down lives. Andhra leaders take care of your region and we will manage Telangana).

The next poet, Shamsheer Kodangali of Mahbubnagar drew a lot of applause with his verses.

Kar rahe ho tum hukumat
Khali hai khazana
Tum karke barbad baithe Telangana
Tum deke Telangana, Kiran Chittoor chale jana

(You have emptied the coffers and destroyed Telangana. Now Kiran, hand over Telangana and leave for Chittoor).

Continuing in the same vein, another poet, Shafi Iqbal, further mesmerised the audience.

Tahzeeb wo sakhafat ka
Akhlaq wo murravat ka
Isaar wo shujaat ka
Markaz hai Telangana

(Telagana is the centre of culture, etiquette, valour and sacrifice).

The only woman poet, Latha Haya of Mumbai, regaled the audience with verses on different topics. She stole the mushaira with this couplet:

Wo zid wo shararat wo ladakpan chala gaya
Maa jab chali gayee mera bachpan chala gaya

(The mischief, stubbornness and childhood has gone when mother passed away).

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Tryst Nightclub Mumbai

Tryst Nightclub Mumbai

B Projekt is back with his first nightclub in Mumbai after the Debut album "Blindfolded" with Juggy D, G Deep and Raja Wilco. "Tryst" was a much awaited dream for B Projekt and his entertainment company called "Plan B" which has hosted events across India.

About Tryst Nightclub

Unpretentious and ultra modern, Tryst is here! B-Projekt aka Bunty Arora's nightclub venture in Mumbai.

Tryst is an honest experiment in futuristic interiors with lots of glass, mirror and the unmissable blanket of hi-tech lights.

The lighting is a first time concept in India, with cool technology like reaction to human voice, beat synchronization and expression through 16 million colors.

Tryst is keen on private tables and enclosures; each comes with a private butler and security .

Mini screens embedded in the tables welcome you as your steward brings you your preferred drink.

A 27 foot long, creatively constructed bar, besides a smaller bar is accessible to guests serving signature Tryst cocktails. A large variety of inventive appetizers are also available from the kitchen.

The club entertains guests with popular dance anthems and international club music like Hip-Hop, RnB and varied genres of house music.

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Gitta Bains, Bohemia Weapon Lyrics

Gitta Bains - Bohemia Weapon Lyrics

Punjabi Rap Star
Gitta, Ah, Yeah

Jatinder Shah

Bhul Gaya Main Pehla Geet, Kadon Likhya
Andaz Mere Baad Kinne Mundeyan Ne Sikhya
Loki Bhull Gaye Zamaana
Punjabi Rap To Pehlan
Kinne Kita Punjabi Rap
Eh Yaad Nahio Bhuleya

N Rakhi Na Tu Dil Ch Bulekhe
Ke Chandigarh Ch Yaar Mere
Dera Paake Baithe Theke

Naale Delhi Teri Gali Ni Daal
Je Mileya Hummer Ch Tainu
Mikke De Naal Ni Main

4 Saal Hoye Paya Main Taaz
Raja Aje Vi Badshah
The Rap Star

Maadi Rakhiye Na Akh
Bohti Chukkiye Na Att


Jinne Puthe Sidhe Keete Kam Kaar Nahio Bhuleya
Tu Avein Dil Vich Rakhi Na Bulekhe Oye

No, No, No!

Avein Dil Vich Rakhi Na Bulekhe Oye
Aje Jatt Nu Chalauna Hathiyaar Nahio Bhuleya

Tu Avein Dil Vich Rakhi Na Bulekhe Oye
Aje Jatt Nu Chalauna Hathiyaar Nahio Bhuleya

Keete Pure Ikrar
Keeti Nahio Yaaro Maar


Jehde Badal Gaye Si Wafadar Nahio Bhuleya
Tu Avein Dil Vich Rakhi Na Bulekhe Oye

No, No, No!

Avein Dil Vich Rakhi Na Bulekhe Oye
Aje Jatt Nu Chalauna Hathiyaar Nahio Bhuleya

Tu Avein Dil Vich Rakhi Na Bulekhe Oye
Aje Jatt Nu Chalauna Hathiyaar Nahio Bhuleya

Gurdas Maan Jogiya - Punjabi Album

Gurdas Maan has just told to HT at Mumbai, he is going to release his next Punjabi music album Jogiya at the end of 2010. Jogiya will be another solo album by the Punjabi legendary singer Dr. Gurdas Maan.

Gurdas Maan has added that he is working very hard to deliver the exclusive music through Jogiya album. As usual Gurdas Maan is supposed to put social, romantic, sad and energetic track into the Jogiya.

Jogiya is definitely sponsored by T-Series label and few finest music composers also working with Gurdas Maan Sahab. Gurdas Maan admitted that Jogiya is very much folk Punjabi album though he has also tried to convey the useful message to youth and society of Punjab, so that our rich Punjabi virsa never get down.

If you have any thoughts or information about Gurdas Maan Jogiya album, please share by posting your comments.

Babbu Mann Challa Song

Babbu Mann Challa Song Video from the Bollywood movie Hook Ya Crook

Babbu Mann Challa Song Lyrics from the movie Hook Ya Crook (Emran Hashmi)

Challa India Ton Aayajavascript:void(0)
Zindri Nu Kamm Te Laya

Oh Dil Nu Kichdi, Maya
Raat Din Taxi Chalonda
Be Mote Dollar Kamonda

Challa Chhad Ke Kamayian
Pyar Diyan Dhada Padhayian
Kise Naal Akhiyan Ladaiyan
Ohnu Nu Koi Sohna, Laggeya
Ishq Ne Ehnu Thuggeya

Mittran Da A Asool Hai
Dil Dena Taan Fajool Hai
Marde Majnoo Hajaar
Kite Lagdi Na Khoobi Hun Na Mari

Fikran Tu Chhad De Saariyan
Pal Do Pal Karle Yaarian
Gal Mann Le Meri
Or Kite Vaade Saade Pyar Wale Na Kari

Challa Akhian Seke
Goriyan Mema Dekhe
Labh Ke Naina De Theke
Jaam Rajj Rajj Ke Farda
Puriyan Aishaan Karda

Babbu Mann Challa Song Lyrics from the movie Hook Ya Crook (Emran Hashmi)

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